Sunday, 4 August 2013


This is the map for my consistency client SSG market. It has been more than a year i worked with 
this premium luxurious grocery in the middle of Gangnam (; as psy sing.) Having a long term client is such a learning curve for the freelance. Specially for the 1year anniversary i worke for this map and they absolutely loved it!. I also can't complain how it turns up finally. 
어느새 일년 차 맡아온 일. 정신차려보니 점점 더 많은 부분을 해볼수 있게 된 SSG 마켓일러스트. 음식 지겨웠는데 지도라 신났고 그림이 잘 뽑혀 그린 나도 클라이언트도 매우 해피.