Sunday, 26 September 2010


It is kind of first attempt applying my drawing to real strategy.
designing it was quiet good to have sense of practical design.
i am not sure it would be really used or not , but there is no harm to try!
For the next attempt wanna use more delicious color with real screen print!
and will try my type thing as well!
but i think this piece suite to these band"s atmosphere.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Interview Korean Books- GIRL'S ROOMS

When i just became half of year to come UK , one of my freind asked me an interview about the overseas stydying and the passion of my creative life. (THANKS YEJI !!)
I feel ready to take this because it was not easy path to come and studay again.
Thanks to the opportunity to look back and have some refreshment , but i feel so shy and a bit regret what i said now.
   In this book 26 creative Korean girls who are working or studying in Newyork , Paris ,London,Millano.

The main theme is about their personal space "the room" and they saying what that rooms mean to them for their passion and dream.
I thought it might be another pashionable book to encourage unconsiderable overseas studying.
But after i read draft of London chapter , it also illustrates not only romantic idea of being abroad but also the hardness and lonliness living and working alone.