Saturday, 26 November 2011

COCHINELLI BAG for W Magazine (Korea)

I have been picked  as 10 finalist for W magazine's New Talent Contest recently.
The winner will be announces in Jan 2012. The brief was Dream and i had to include the bag from Coccinelle's 2011 new products. I've never considered myself doing fashion illustration before, therefore i felt it isn't me what i was doing at the bigining of process . But the painful procedure became the joy of playing with colours and textures.

I think the characters r still too neat to get a feeling of my works but i  am still think it is visually pleasing.

u can check other's at here

더블유 잡지의 5회 뉴탈렌트 콘테스트 작업 이미지 입니다.
쿼키한 작업을 다듬고 다듬고 다듬어 어렵사리 패션 일러스트에 맞춰 제출 했어요.
어느정도를 지키고 얼만큼 맞춰야 하나 쉽지 않은 과정이었지만 뭐, 많이 맞췄죠.
근데 막판엔 정말 재밋게 했어요.

 캐릭터는 여전히 아쉽지만 색이랑 텍스쳐만으로 화면에서 노는 건 재밋게 한 작업입니다.
자 그럼 한국분들을 투표하러 가시죠 ^ㅡ^

맘에드시면 리트윗 포스팅 마구 해주시구요.