Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Year hang show - Obessed Monsters in frame

The whole works on the wall with frame. i was in hurry , sorry for bad quality of document.
The works does look better with frames though!

Obessed Monster series 6 Bully

Bullying is also one of typical reaction from childrens who want to beloved more , get attention and power  among peer goup. Kids can be cruel. I also concern it does happen to adulthood in some way.
Kids' society sometimes mini version of the whole society where we live. Through all those series , i tried to suggest a new way of seeing people's hidden desire and want to show the weak who are minority.
I draw a huge monster to emphasize and represent a bully. It was massive piece over 2 meter in width so i could  enjoy the physical way of wrking which i used to do.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Obessed Monster series 5 Manic Depression

This drawing explores a certain tension and mood what everyone has.(?)
  At least i do have a moody and sensitive moment. Mine is not serious though.^-^
 When i got that moment , i defeat not just to falling to feeling and tried to draw statue of my mind as a subject. This work might be the one i couldn't satisfy among 'Obessed Monster series- project'.
Want to try again in diverse way.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Obessed Monster series 4 Drag Queen

This one was the key work which became the initial idea of this project.
I want to express unsolved desire about one's sexual identity.
I am strait and have no problem!! But most of the media which i have been attracted were either done by
 the one  who has sexual issue or dealt issue about it. Such as the movie titled "Hedwig and angry inch" ,
'Velvet Goldmin', David bowie and so on. There are countless example which inspired me for ages and this work is response of them.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Obessed Monster series 3 - tatoo man

I draw the man who adicted tatoo but i think i enjoyed drawing aethteticaly than delievering a message.
But i aimed for ' obessed monster series ' to have various style to explore. In terms of experimental view , i like it but in a sense as one project i admit that  it seems different from others.

Obessed Monster series 2-bulimia

Adulthood has been full of anxiety and desire, Matisse said that to eaven his unsettled axiety he need to make as simple image as possible. In this project i was excited by challenage how i might visualise every single persons twisted anxiety itself. I tried to be abstract and poetic while i maintain bold and humerrous atmosphere.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Obessed Monster series 1- Doll Collector

For final project for 2nd year, i  produced series of monsters which are represent the diverse persons who have obssesion. Above image is for the guy who obssesed in collecting girly dolls.