Monday, 21 June 2010

More photoshop

Things to study list in summer

-Color and patern experiment based on digital way.
-Activate my Web life!
-Collaboration which can apply to strong strategy such as book,poster,album,zine.
-mind set and enough planed work( no more aimless doodles) to apply the Awards

Sunday, 20 June 2010


Loss and gain

City man

Falling water

Days before Majour project critic

For everyone who are  visual creator , being alone with work is most delightful and hard moemnt.

Fin the year

For the whoel year session , i was confused and lost focus of my own path.
I was not enough ready to know what  the aim of each project is.

Here i finished the 2nd curriculumn and i am on the path of my own way again.
I hope i became dilligent and brilliant enough to reach my first aim to come here.
Hope i will not settle down easily.

Belief .


Saturday, 19 June 2010

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Blue drawings

I had Blue Phase before. hahaha!
I used to draw only with the blue pencil especially the cheapest one in korea.
All by Blue MONAMI Pencil

Self portrait

This is the way i used to draw people.
I made my self portrait in various way for years.
One of the result.


This is the way i used to draw people.
i don't know why but i tend to transform features.

Buying nero

It was too cold to draw outside.
After i was shivering with cold for few hours. I gave up to catch the winter of London. And made those in an hour.

Inside out - poster

This project was making a poster about a building. We should show a certain building's outside and inside on A3 page with 2 words. I choose "Guer" which is
mongolian traditional house. It is mortable and can be fold the whole concept of inside and outside. By matching image with the piece of cake which is quiet resemble, i want to make people think about the primitive form and meaning of home.