Friday, 1 June 2012

postcard for the poem ' it's grim'

Sorry that i was't consistency to keep up posts!
June was busy to do some commercial works and am chased by self- project now.

This is a new postcard design  in response to the  poet called "it's grim" for inc magazine.
Inc Magazine is a poetry and illustration magazine based in Hackney.
They had issue 5 in this June and i participated on project with many
talented writers and illustrations. 

the colour scheme was blue and white  
the poet titled 

By John Hargate
Smashed potato hugs the stifled air;
Masked by a thin veneer of cheer
Indifferent, fixed smiles wheel surviving souls
Into glaring, neglected spaces of
Pine and plastic cushioned chairs.
Thimbles of bitter tea arrive reluctantly
In chipped and stained off-white china.
A faint, ever-so-faint moan escapes unnoticed
By the gel slicked, rushed twenty-somethings,
With accents unintelligible,
Tip-tapping in procession down bleach bright corridors.
The creaking cattle are rounded up for lunch.
“Just another minute darling,”
An old West Indian orderly
Croons to Mrs. Simpson, 94.