Friday, 19 October 2012

Mag Cover 고래가 그랬어

Here is the front cover for the Magazine "고래가 그랬어" 

Really cool brief with lots of freedom.
i have had an idea which was to experiment with simple white cut out shapes
on colourful background.A really joyful piece to work on my brand new colour palette. 
Looking back, i must subconsciously have inspired by fine artist Paul Klee
 as i was doing some depth of research on his works these days.
i must do similar piece soon to make it polish!

유년기에 만화월간지가 아닌 인문잡지를 공급한다는데 '깨어 있구나' 했는데
역시나 받아본 중 제일 쿨한 브리프였다 한마디로 작가님 맘대로 하세요.
한동안 계속 메모해두고 한번 해봐야지 했던 ,
색을 볼드하게 쓰고 컷아웃을 리버스해서 놀고 싶다는 퍼즐이 풀리고는
그야말로 하루 동안  끼니도 잊고 쏜쌀같이 진행된 작업. 
수평적인 갑을 관계와  놀이와 실험, 빠른 진행, 이런게 좋다 

Monday, 15 October 2012

The test shots for desert Menu

I pitched  with this test piece and they seems very interested in.
Finger cross but try not to be excited too much.
as it is not first time.....when if felt  it is nearly there.
and the progress can be incredibly slow as it is not an editorial.

한글로 흉 좀 볼께요.  이뢴 영국아,  여긴  정말 느려도 너무 느려....
아이고 그렇게 ~간 보시고 회의 끝나시기 전에 제 비자 끈나겠세요....

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Editorial crops

Editorial crops
articles about 4 seasons and the way you get really good royal gala apple.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Here is some editorial crops , yum yum~ Ice creams
Tasty world~  good to see and fun to draw~!